About us

Our roots are set in beautiful Switzerland with its amazing mountains and centenary traditions of direct democracy, federalism and neutrality. Also in our adopted country: Mexico, a country that together with its people has accompanied us and marked us for more than 27 years.
From here rose the spirit of SWISSMEXCO LOGISTICS, which not only unites credibility and quality with spontaneity, but also with creativity and business ingenuity. We cordially invite you to be part of this world and set the basis for a successful collaborative effort, which can be inherited by future generations of both worlds. Shall we do it? Yes, let’s!



To unite people, experiences and specialized knowledge to generate added value for all interested parties and partners.



To contribute to the success of the Customer through personal, cooperative participation, integrity, close collaboration , value-added customized offers and excellent quality.


To concentrate strengths and collaboration with partners who are leaders, to be able to offer customized solutions in transport and logistics, so that the Customer’s needs will be completely met.


Markus Suter: Swiss citizen, date of birth: Feb. 20,1967, married, 2 children
Professional formation: Licensed in Commerce and Logistics (with Federal Certification of professional education)
Function: Partner, President of the Company

Professional experience:
35 years to date; of these, 10 years working in Mexico (development of new operations / businesses)
Experience in the area of transport, the industry, operating processes / commercial processes, experience in directing projects
On-the-job Training

Languages: German (native language), English, Spanish, French

Core competencies:
International transport and logistics, development of commercial relations, negotiation skills   > 10 years
Business development, sales experience, project Management   >   5 years

Legal standing

logo-swissmexco-homepageGmbH: Limited responsibility company
Nationality: Schweiz
Base: 5453 Remetschwil / Switzerland
Founded on November 1, 2016

Long term goals

Creation of added value and supreme customer satisfaction:

  • SWISSMEXCO Logistics as top option for establishing “Mexico” business in Switzerland, in Mexico and in certain countries in Western Europe.
  • Guaranteeing a business partner network on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Flexible, effective web-based connections, (healthy cost – benefit relationship), which will be constantly updated.
  • Sustainable / organic growth through connections with the Customers and word-of-mouth promotion.
What we represent; what we offer


  • We say what we do – We do what we say
  • Customer and Solution oriented
  • Autonomous
  • Human beings as the core / Team Dispo
  • Teamwork
  • Situational Leadership: Sincere, fair, participative, demanding
  • Enjoyment
  • Active participation
  • Efficiency:  Learning from mistakes, ongoing improvement